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Thekkady Tour Packages

     Thekkady is situated on the Idukki District. The most renowed destination is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady .  It is a one of the important Tourist attraction in Kerala.  Thekkady is located about 257 km (160 miles) from Trivandrum, 114 km from Madurai Airport, 185 km from Cochin International Airport and 114 km from Kottayam railway station. The sanctuary is famous for its dense evergreen, semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savanna grass lands. This sanctuary is spread over an area of 777 sq. km, surrounded by an artificial lack over an area of 25 sq km. The sanctuary having lent a sizable slice of about 360 sq. km. of its coveted landscape to a verdant, thick evergreen forest has to its credit a great number of wild lives.  It was also declared a ‘Tiger Reserve’ in the year 1978.  The grounds here flash with pride more than 1965 species of flowering plants, 143 species of orchids and 171 species of grass.  Among the roaming wild-life are Wild Elephants, Gaur, Sambar Deer, Wild boar, etc., which make up to over 35 species. The Sanctuary offers a lovely and comfortable way to see the animals via boat rides on the manmade lake, which the wildlife areas encircle.  In addition to the wild life, there are water and land birds galore here, and one can sometimes find dedicated bird watchers setting in for one or two weeks of serious observation. There are three KTDC run hotels within the sanctuary, the main Aranya Nivas stone lodge at the head of the lake, and the romantic Lake Palace on a small island promontory up the lake, reachable only by boat.  The Lake Palace was former Maharaja’s summer Palace and will satisfy the most dedicated romantic.  Third one is Periyar House.

Thekkadi Fauna

     The fauna of Periyar is rich and varied.  There are 63 species of mammals that include tiger, leopard, Asian elephant, gaur, sloth bear and wild dog.  Periyar also harbours endangered species like lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, slender loris, Nilgiri tahr, Nilgir Marten, small Travancore flying squirrel, brown palm civet and Salim Ali’s  fruit bat.  Besides there are sambar deer, barking deer, mouse deer, wild boar and otters etc.  The mosaic of habit tats support a rich bird life of 323 species, of which one third are migrants that stay here from September through March. Periyar is also a viable habitat for the endangered great hornbill, the state bird of Kerala.
There are 45 species of reptiles including the monitor lizard, fresh water tortoise and several poisonous and non-poisonous snacks like the King Cobra.  Over 27 amphibians’s species have been recorded that include the Malabar tree frog and the ubiquitous Rana Curtipes found in the lake vicinity.  The fish fauna included 38 species of which the Mahseer, Tor Khudri, is famous as a game fish. Out of this 7 are endemic to Periyar viz. Lepidopygopsis typus, Crossocheilus periyarensis, Puntius Ophiocephalus, Gonoprokopterns micropogon periyarensis, Gara periyarebsusm, Nemacheilus  periyarensis and Nemacheilus menoni. The butterfly population consists of about 160 species, including the southern bird wing, the largest butterfly in India and the highly threatened Travancore evening brown.

Thekkadi Flora

Over 74 percent of the reserve is tropical evergreen and semi evergreen forests. Rest of the area comprise of deciduous forests, marshy and grass lands.  The mountain folds at higher elevation support the sub tropical mountain forests called shoals.  Bamboo brakes abound near water logged areas and also along river courses.  There are 1966 species of flowering plants including 168 grass species, 155 species of legumes, 145 species of orchids, 28 species of balsams and 10 species of palms. Of the four Gymnosperms, the only known South Indian conifer Nagaea wallichianus, is seen in the core area of the park.  The pteridophyte flora is represented by 170 species.  Being a hyper endemic center of Anamali High ranges, the following plants, namely, Habenaria periyarensis, Mucuna pruriens thekkadiensis and syzygium perriyarensis are found only in Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Thekkady Weather Today

Day 37°C
Tonight 28°C
Day: Mostly Sunny Night: Mostly Clear

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